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About Us 


NWP (, founded in 2001, is become one of the most reputable global community platform for the creative industry. It is difficult today to seek out creative and innovative designs, for there are simply too many designers and portfolios out there in the world. With the internet, it has become easier than ever to showcase ones work and to proclaim as a designer. As one of the most professional community for the creative industry, it is our mission to seek, to show and to recommend all most excellent creative designers globally. In addition, we also provide a platform for creative professionals, who are willing to show their creative works, to share their inspiration and originality, and to welcome any constructive comments from other professionals from all over the world.

About NWP E-magazine

Newwebpick e-magazine, our first issue coming out in 2004, generated 1.8 million readers downloaded within a month. Today, our e-magazine becomes the world most distributed e-magazine for the creative industry. Every single edition attracted more than 4 million readers (independent IP) downloaded from 159 countries, mainly in N America, Europe, South America, China, South East Asia, Japan, Korea, Middle East and Africa.

The readers are all mostly highly-qualified professionals between 22 C 45, involved or obsessed with new creative related artworks and lifestyle. 95% of our readers are urban dwellers, from NYC, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore and so on.

Today, we have published 3 magazines
The original newwebpick magazine, NEWWEBPICK, every single issue introduce more than 30 designers from all over the world in all kind of creative art types, such as digital publishing, Advertising, Product design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Photography, CG design and animation, illustration and so on.

CONNECTION, we believe there are so many creative talents from every country, we believe many professionals want to understand difference creative works from difference countries. CONNECTION is the Country speciifc magazine, each issue will introduce talents from specific country to show and demonstrate their creative works more in details to the rest of the world. University Designs (UD), This is a unique platform offered to those art school, to collaborate their students great works, showing and telling to the world that "we got talent".

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