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Why Advertise on and NWP E-magazine?

The platform that best fit to deliver your promotion messages of your products, services, brands to a highly focused and captive audience of creative professionals and marketing executive. Since our visitors and readers are more qualified professional or young executive, that make us provide the best ROI for you.


Why Digital Magazine?


* Download & save for offline viewing

* Hyperlinked table of contents

* Environment friendly

* Easy and widely distribution

* Multi-media ad.

* Quick Links to advertiser's sites and additional editorial content on the web

* Building readership connection


* Read at your convenience anytime, anywhere

* Takes you directly to the articles, features, and sections of most interest to you

* Save trees

* Provide quick distribution without geographic borders and delivery delays

* Allow advertisers to go beyond print and/or repurpose TV and radio spots

* Stop telling people to go to websites. Start taking them there

* Majority of your current and potential readers are online constantly seeking new information of their interest

Background Statistics

Our website traffic statistics are about an average of 21 million page views and about 1.8 million unique visitors each month.
There are approximately more than 4 million readers (unique IP) downloaded to our NWP E-magazine, 1.2 million registered members. 70% of our readerships are high qualifed professional creative people who involve in designs and marketing works in Design studio, Engineering company, Advertising company, and big enterprise marketing department. For more information about our distribution, send us request for our 2008 readership survey results.

Monthly Traffic Statistics (June 2008)

Unique Visitors: 1,821,200

Page Views: 21,351,100

Hits: 70,323,100

NWP E-magazine Readers: 4,001,200

Demographic Profile
Average Sex: Male
Average Age: 22-45 years of age
Average Industry: Creative industry
Average Job Title: Designers, Marketeers, Young executives
Average Company Size: 20 to 1500 employees
Average Purchasing Power: High qualified professional

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