“Rabbit, No Bunny” – NewWebPick #32 Full Version Released!
2011-02-21 21:58:06


No Bunny

It's not funny

Don't believe everything you read

It's fable

Just a label

So don't follow the lead

There is no bunny

I promised

It's ugly, it's stupid

Don't be the same

You're ……

…… ……

Teenager frustrated

Easily manipulated

Enemy created

Televison mated

waiting to be hated

Won't you look outside?

Look outside!

-          “No Bunny” by Pailhead


In the year of rabbit, we would like to be a rabbit rather than a bunny. Wouldn’t you?





Mathias H. Hovet, Lars Kjelsnes, Stein H. Haugen, Thomas Lein, Martin S. Kristiansen (Norway)  /  Anastasia/Ash (china)  /  Martin Žampach (Czech Republic)  /  Dorpr Limited (UK)  /  Metodo Creativo (Italy)  /  Uran Wang (china)  /  Hannah Lee (USA)


===Elite Interview=== 

weloveourjob (Israel)


===Rabbit, No Bunny===

Aleix Gordo Hostau (Spain)  /  Juan and Alejandro Mingarro (Spain)  /  Jeago Lo (China)  /  De Francesco Jennifer (Switzerland)  /  Mack (Israel)  /  Matt Lyon (UK)  /  zhenyu zhang (china)


===Super Pick===

Damien Fournier (Switzerland / France)  /   Monika Kochs and Henrike Fleuret (Germany)  /  Alexey Malina (Russia)  /  Hugo Ahlberg (Sri Lanka)  /  Mauro Rojas (Guayaquil)  /  Casalonga (France)  /  Yu Huo (China)












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