'the three graces' by NOX | lars spuybroek
2008-12-09 22:44:31


a view of 'the three graces' from the khor dubai wharfage where they are located

historically in art, the three graces have been viewed as a symbol of lasting unity, each grace displaying
a relaxed posture, and forming a group of sisters or friends and representing joy, beauty and charm.
related in form and gesture, the three create a synergy. invited for a competition, NOX | lars spuybroek has
designed a family of towers called 'the three graces' in dubai which follow very similar dynamics to that of the
art history beauties. the project is currently in progress and sees the towers being interconnected by a footbridge.
this bridge will reduce footprints on the peers and increase the symbolism of unity and will make the towers
appear as a gate to the harbor on which it is situated.

inspired by the famous example of the firth-of-forth bridge in scotland, 1882, the three towers are constructed
from one load-bearing skin which is geometrically based on small oceanic creatures called 'radiolaria'.
one meter behind the skin, there is a glass-mulliion (which is a structural element dividing adjacent windows
of a built structure) and spans from floor to floor between the skins the towers' climates can be regulated
by a mixture of both natural and artificial ventilation.

a close look at the cell-like skin which connects all three of the towers

the towers are all connected by a bridge which runs over the water

a look at the interior of the towers


NOX | lars spuybroek: http://www.noxarch.com